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Make Money Selling Soles!

Someone looking for extra money could start a lemonade stand... but that stops being cute (and probably legal) after about age ten; or they could hunt through the couch cushions for loose that probably would not turn up much. They could hold a yard sale; but who really wants to wake up before dawn, melt in the sun, and argue over the price of a hubcap or cassette tape? At first glance, selling on an auction site seems like the perfect answer, But as people try to learn to list on traditional auction sites, it feels a little like dealing with the devil; it's a complicated, time consuming, energy zapping, costly process, leaving you wondering if it is all worth it...until now. There is a better solution...clean out the closets and sell some soles!

So who would want to sell soles? Well, the average, women owns about 30 pairs of shoes... but only wears 25% of them... that leaves about 23 pairs of unworn and neglected shoes. These could be expensive designer shoes like Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu or maybe they are her workout gear such as Skechers, Nike, or Converse. Whatever they are, that's like having cash in a closet - a heavenly thought! There are a ton of reasons why these poor shoes have ended up this way:

Impulse purchases "I want it, I need it, I have to have it"

Bargain buys "Who cares if my calves look like hams, these are only $3.00"

Poor and painful fit "No, I am not limping, this is how I roll"

Bought for a one-time event "Thanks a lot Cousin Susie aka Bridezilla"

Unusual color or style "Was I drunk when I bought these?"

Gifts from others "Oh Grammy, I love orthopedic sneakers, THANK YOU"

In addition to selling their own soles, women can go through closets of their loved ones; why does he need 17 pairs of sneakers and how many pairs of golf shoes are really necessary? Tag sales and consignment shops might also provide some prize pairs. Don't forget those kids who seem to grow out of shoes before they can even wear them!

So, consider the woman who takes 23 pairs of under appreciated shoes, she pays $23.00 ($1.00 each) to list them for sale on an auction site where lots of shoe lovers will see the fabulous footwear and fight for , OK they'll bid for it. Suppose that she makes a conservative $10 profit per pair: That's $230 she didn't have; $230 could buy her the Sex and The City Complete Series DVD Box Set, a weekend getaway, an iPhone, a pair of Tory Burch leather flats, or like 40 packs of Silly Bandz for her kid! Speaking of kids... you can make money selling their shoes too; the site has categories for Womens, Girls, Mens, and Boys shoes as well as for shoe accessories like laces, clips, decorations, bags, shoe trees, etc.

No one really wants to be the old lady who lived in her shoe. And with too many shoes and not enough money, it just might happen. If someone's short on cash but high on heels, set up shop and sell some soles!

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