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The Basics of Digital Photo Editing

Photo editing deals with altering or manipulating images of any kind especially, digital form and analog photos (the older ones, processed from a photographic film). This article is about the basics of digital photo editing and the how to go about with the post image processing workflow. These aren't necessarily a thumb rule to be followed, but such points borne in mind while editing a photo, makes it a picture perfect one.

How it works?

A raster image is transferred from the camera and stored in the form of pixels (as a measure of resolution in terms of color and brightness) in a computer. The photo is uploaded into an image editor application or software (for instance, Adobe Photoshop, Coraldraw) and the necessary corrections are made (Resizing, color enhancement etc.,), using different tools available in the software. Bitmap graphics editors are used to adjust and rasterizing the image at any resolution. Basically, there are three widely used graphic software programs viz.,


Exposure Level

It refers to the amount of light permitted to fall on the imaging sensor in the due process of photographing an object. It can be refined using the exposure compensation tool. There are three major exposure levels in photography viz.,

White Balance

It plays a vital role in affecting the color saturation levels and contrast. Manual adjustments are preferable in this case. The temperature slider (to control the image's relative warmth) should be adjusted followed by an adjustment of the tint filter (to manage the magenta-green shift).

Lens Correction

It is essential for adjusting the image angle correctly and to zoom in or zoom out the object, based on the details of the image as required by the photographer.

Cropping and resizing

Cropping enables the user to remove any unnecessary objects in a geometrical pattern (pixels) and in contrast is the resizing option, wherein, the size of the image is reduced or increased without removing any objects or select parts of an image.