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The History of Louis Vuitton - The Genius Perfectionist

The brand name of Louis Vuitton handbags is so prominent in the fashion arena. The concern was started in the year 1954 in Paris. Since then the company has a position of its own in terms of high quality fashion goods. The growth of this company was just amazing and in no time it shot to the heights to such a level as now the name is even considered as the synonym of luxury and fashion. The reason for his immense success was the waves that he created with his line of designer handbags in the modern world market which is mad about fashion.

The company is named after the founder who was a specialist in the creation of designer handbags out of leather. At first, when the company was actually launched the concentration was for the production of large bags used to carry luggage. The handbag section was not that prominent then. But the luggage bags were the things that made some fortune to him which in turn helped him to get his firm relocated to a more prominent location. This is considered as the turning point of his career in fashion.

The shifting of his principal location of business to Asnieres in the year 1860 has a positive impact on the quantity of business he received. Along with the shifting of the location the affinity of people towards the luggage bags created by him was also a contributing factor for the surprising success of Louis Vuitton.

The year 1885 was a golden year in his career as he was able to start a new dedicated shop in London. From that point onwards the graph of growth was going higher and higher. By that time he had made a mark of himself in the case of designer handbags which were ahead both in terms of fashion as well as luxury. Later in the year 1888 he came up with a collection of stunningly beautiful and luxurious handbags, which were named as the 'signature Daamier Pattern' and in1896 Louis Vuitton presented to the world his most sought after collection, which is now called as the 'Classic Collection' of Louis Vuitton handbags. The pattern was that of a chessboard with white and brown boxes all over it and it was having the luxurious look that has got the attention o so many celebrities. This is considered as the icon of the company even now.

The monogram canvas created by this genius is undoubtedly a best seller even today. The presence of duplicate or replica handbags are the best evidence about the popularity that these handbags have among the people who wants to pursue the fashion beats. These replica handbags may look the same as that of Louis Vuitton handbags but are no match to the quality of any of them. The genius behind is company was nothing less than a perfectionist. He was working all his life just like a machine in the search to always bring the superior quality stuff in the hands of the customers.