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What Do Armani Watches and Other Brands Say About You?

Brands are important. The brands we choose to associate ourselves with mean almost as much as our political affiliations and social groups. A brand means something. If you wear Nike it says something much different than if you wear Timbaland, at least it could mean something. The thing is, no matter how much stock you put in brands the other people in the world, those that are constantly judging and monitoring your activity, will read into your brand choices. Sure, you want to say "I just wear/buy what I like." Well that is true but there is a whole list of reasons that you like it. There is also a list of reasons you would not like say some other brand. On top of all of that, we choose to expose ourselves to certain brands and we choose to full-on ignore others. It is a totally reasonable filtration process. With the wealth of options on this little marble of a planet you simply can not afford to "try everything once."

This is even more true perhaps of what brand of high-end watch you choose to buy. High end anything immediately leads the brain to certain conclusions about another's status both economic and social. If you are choosing to say wear Armani watches all day long people are going to infer a certain wealthiness from you. Armani watches might also lead those around you to believe that you put a lot of stock in brands. They would be right and honestly you are right to do so. DKNY watches are great, but if you wear Micheal Kors watches you clearly have a different set of interests. It is these sort of distinctions that separate us from species unconcerned with fashion.

I for one am not the fanciest guy around. I like TW Steel Watches because they're practical and I love Swatch watches because they are totally funky fresh. This says something about me. Practicality and fun matter more than impressing the upper echelon of society. Now if I was looking to impress I might invest in some Raymond Weil watches or even Tissot watches, since I am not though, I will go with the time pieces of my choosing.

There are so many options in style, price point, and features when picking out watches, that you may lose track of the brand. Your brain however is definitely working overtime subconsciously to pick the brand that best suits your particular taste.