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Why Is Black The Best Colour for Mens Winter Coats?

Everywhere you look it seems most men are wearing black coats. Heck even women's coats, girls winter jackets and men leather coats are usually black. Why is it such a popular color?

The reasons are several. First black is the universally neutral color. Meaning its so neutral that it literally goes with any other color you try to match with it.Combine it with any other common winter color, such a grey, green, brown and white, and you still get a wonderful neutral palette. Black never goes out of style. Just look at photographs from the last one hundred years and notice what colors people have worn over the decades. The color that dominates most photographs is usually black, and that's not just because many of the photographs are black & white themselves!

In the winter, most coats that you'll see most of the time are usually black. Black is also is easier to clean, and if you can't get to a dry cleaner you're in luck - with black coats stains are usually harder to spot, and therefore you can get away longer without the hassle of actually cleaning the jacket.

Black contrasts wonderfully with the snow. Look around in the sea of white and when your lost in a blizzard its much easier to find your companion if he's wearing black. Men prefer black in the winter because black is the symbol of warmth, as is red. You won't catch men wearing black in the summer too often. Women's winter coats and girls winter coats, on the other hand, usually have more vibrant colors associated such as white, red, grey, etc. Even though women generally prefer more vibrant colors, they also happen to look smashing in their black winter coats too.

Mens leather coats also tend to be black, i've got a black mens leather coat myself. i prefer my brown mens leather coat, only because it has the the classic worn out look. London fog jackets tend to come in black, grey or beige, though I don't own one of these myself these tend to be much more common in England where winters are mild and the london fog coat can service as a suitable substitute to the western mens coat.

So when shopping for a mens winter coat, or any winter coat, such a womens, mens, girls or london fog, you can never go wrong buying black. It's stylish, matches with everything, and neutral colors are usually cheaper too.